Bodrum, Turkey

Take the maze of shady streets with their 1001 shops or enjoy a tea sitting at the harbor under the imposing fortress of Halicarnassus while admiring the numerous majestic sailboats.

Leave Greece for a day and after only 20 minutes, set foot in another atmosphere, another continent. The East and its similar, although different culture are awaiting you!

Welcome to Bodrum, the “Saint-Tropez of the Aegean Sea”!

Once you have arrived at the harbor, you are entirely free and thus deciding how you want to spend the day. The possibilities are numerous. 

You can join a free panoramic tour and learn more about Bodrum’s history and get acquainted with the city. Or you can walk along the sea-side to reach the old port with its numerous marvelous wooden boats and its majestic Castle of the Knights of St John.

Bodrum is of course famous for its markets of ‘genuine fakes’ and you can “shop ‘til you drop” in the bazaar, making sure to use all your bargain skills!

The city also offers many possibilities to treat your body to a healing steam bath or a soothing massage.

 The choice is up to you !

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